Cheers to Poland

Before I start, I’m just going to put it out there, that Lisa is way better then I am at this, so don’t expect this to be a regular thing! If you don’t notice it by the grammar, punctuation and word selection, you’ll certainly notice it by my straightforward writing.

Having said that, lets give this thing a go:

We’ve found the time to do this next post as we’re both lying on our bed in the hotel we are staying in, in the old town of Warsaw, hung-over as ever. We’ve always heard that polish vodka is good, but we may have gotten a little carried away last night! We met up with another South African and one beer led to the next, throw in a few vodka’s, and today, we found ourselves walking to the nearest McDonald’s (I know I know). We did however get to sample some of the local dishes, Pierogi’s which are stuffed and boiled dumplings. We opted for the confit goose and raspberry dumplings, which were nice. We also sampled beef cheeks on pancakes, the pancakes were more like hash browns, but it was delicious! The food is rather hearty and homely which is comforting to have! I can imagine even more so in freezing Polish winter!


Sticking to the food chats briefly, we’ve certainly had some highlights (Michelin restaurants) and some low lights (Tupperware cooking) but we’ve both agreed that we are looking forward to staying in one of our booked apartments so that we can cook up a storm! I’m surprised to say it, but after 2 months, I sort of feel home sick, and by home, I mean the kitchen. A big positive is that we are finding inspiration at every corner. Conspiring dishes by standing in the pouring rain staring at a piece of graffiti on the remains of the berlin wall, to tasting some amazing produce that we’ve never seen before, it really creates this urge for us to jump into any strangers kitchen and start cooking!


Moving away from food and on to history, I’ve certainly realized how little I know about the history of Europe. It’s a real eye opener to walk around these old cities that have so much history and just soak it all up. We’ve cottoned on to the free walking tours of the cities which require a tip at the end of the walk, but it’s a great way to see all the main attractions and to learn some useful hints from a local. We’ve also met some very interesting characters along the way, be it on the busses, trains or just walking in the street, but its safe to say that the people back home are way more approachable and easier to talk to. I mean, the waiter last night was having a 2way conversation with us and someone on her cellphone while trying to take our order?


I’m looking forward to seeing what the rest of the trip has in store for us, but for now, we are heading off to another Michelin restaurant for Michelin Fridays! I’m sure we’ll inform you of all the thrills and spoils in the next post.



One thought on “Cheers to Poland

  1. Baaaabbeee…..I’m not fu*%ing Russian!
    Starting to feel like the foodie trip of a lifetime, totes jealous!
    Wishing you both good health and many Michelin-starred meals


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