Beers, Bikes and Bratwurst!


We left off our last post exploring Brussels. Brussels, like Bruges, hails in all things wonderfully Belgian. There is an abundance of chocolates, waffles and frites and most importantly some of the greatest beers in the world. It was however, a massively multicultural and dynamic city especially in terms of food which ranged from traditional to authentic Lebanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Indian, Turkish and pretty much anything else under the sun which was incredible to see.  All in all a successful food experience apart from the fact my skin looks like a pre-teen from the copious amounts of chocolate and waffle eating and I have developed a taste for Belgian peach beer which I have a feeling is going to be a seriously expensive habit to keep alive back in South Africa.


We then arrived in Amsterdam! One of my personal favourite cities, I was beyond excited to be there with Darren and Kimberley. In Amsterdam we had a little splurge at Envy, an experimental restaurant which did not disappoint at all. The food was fresh, beautiful and innovative and it made us miss being in the kitchen. We learned some really important things in Amsterdam:

  1. We both have a severe dislike of herring, which seems to be served everywhere in Europe (I think it can even be classified as a mild phobia for us). Stay away herring.
  2. Stroopwaffels are a godsend. Seriously.
  3. Do not, I repeat, do not ask locals, for their recommendation on good coffee shops. You will find various great delicacies in a ‘coffee shop’ in Amsterdam but probably not any coffee (places to buy coffee are called Cafes).
  4. The locals are all great people until they get on a bike and you’re a confused tourist standing in their way.
  5. Cheese. More specifically truffle gouda. Enough said.
  6. We’ll be back, definitely.

We are currently in Berlin, another city so rich in history, culture and sausages (referred to from now on as wursts to avoid any sort of humourous misinterpretation). We arrived yesterday by taxi, after giving up on how to find the right tram from the station and being shouted at in German by an old man (who proceeded to follow us around the station shouting because we couldn’t understand him in the first place). Since arrival we have eaten various types of wursts for every. single. meal and this is no exaggeration. Curry wurst is ranking top of our list so far. We’re carrying absolutely no kitchen equipment with us so the inner chef (making-a-plan-during-mid-service-catastrophe) mode has come out and we’ve been improvising with a €1 Tupperware and some boiling water when we’re lucky enough to get from the hostel (this goes not just for wursts but pastas and vegetables too). Tomorrow is pretzel tasting day, and then probably more wursts for dinner.


P.S We’ll soon be including some of the recipes we’ve come across along the way!






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