We’re in Brussels!

It’s pouring with rain today in Brussels which has allowed us to catch up on some down time. We’re sitting in a coffee shop with a cappuccino and fresh brioche taking stock of the last week of travel.

We began in Bruges which is completely idyllic to say the least. The grandeur of some of the architecture alongside the small old-town historical bliss is something out of a fairy tale (if that’s not convincing enough there are horses with carriages walking the streets too). Street side and canal side cafes are a big thing, the specialty dish being mussels and chips (moules and frites).


The beautiful Grand Place, Brussels, at Dusk

We were beyond excited to have our first Michelin star restaurant experience at Sans Cravate. The restaurant was modern and simplistic in terms of decor with exceptional attention to detail in their glassware and cutlery- it was these small details that constantly reminded us of the calibre of establishment.  The food was a hit all round too; lettuce meringues with goats cheese cream, bone marrow with rosemary salt and deer with tarragon were stand outs for the two of us. All in all the experience was unforgettable and we loved the bold flavours but also the restraint and respect shown to subtle flavours.


Crunchy pillows filled with pea and mint mousse


Lettuce meringue with goats cheese


Because of this splurge many a ‘park meal’ of bread, olive oil, salami and basil was had along the canals in Bruges (which was pretty spectacular too). It may be a chef thing that we both have a weakness for fresh herbs but we now have a fresh basil plant called Basil (I know, original) that has traveled with us in Darren’s backpack since London for these ‘park meals’.

We’re now in Brussels which is a melting pot of cultures. It’s incredible to see these influences on the food which has ranged from French and Italian to Vietnamese, Thai and Lebanese. We’re going to do some more exploring of these in the next few days.

Our experience so far in Belgium has been all about beers, waffles, chocolates and ‘frites’ and it is acceptable to eat these in copious quantities for breakfast lunch and dinner- whats not to love?



One thought on “We’re in Brussels!

  1. I’m envious of all the waffles and chocolate you are enjoying in Belgium!! I read this blog with a smile on my face at the thought of you two with your Basil plant… so definitely a chef thing!! I love it!!


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